What Makes a Good Dentist

What Makes a Good Dentist?

A dentist is a person who is responsible for a patient’s tooth maintenance and assistance. This person works closely with his or her patients to ensure that tooth life is at maximum capacity. A good dentist is someone who always looks out for the best interest of his or her client. It is important for each consumer to choose dentist with integrity and dedication. The following are attributes that make a dentist a good dentist:

True Concern and Compassion

A good dentist will be compassionate and never want to see a patient in pain. This person will make an appointment as quickly as possible and come up with the best solution to end pain for a person in need. This dentist will be open and honest with his patient about the risk and pain involved with any procedure. A good dentist make sure that all information about dental diseases and treatment is transparent and unbiased. A good dentist will be less concerned with profits and more concerned with helping the patient. A new patient can sense a dentist that has an agenda. Usually, a new patient can sense an insincere dentist during the first consultation. If no compassion is felt within the vibe, then the patient may want to visit another facility.


Friendly Demeanor

Many new dental patients have fears when they visit an office. They have fears about losing their teeth and fears about the pain involved during a procedure. A good dentist will always have an even, positive demeanor. He or she will never treat a patient as if a question is ridiculous or self-explanatory. Instead, a good dentist will take the time to reassure a patient that all will end well. This person will develop a strong rapport with the patient as if he or she is a close friend. A good dentist will always go an extra mile to ensure that his or her patient leaves the facility with a positive outlook.



Dental treatment is expensive, and not every person is fortunate enough to have insurance or a large income. A good dentist will provide a way for a struggling patient to get something that he or she needs. A dentist’s office might offer third-party financing or in-house financing. Some dentists have programs that take a certain amount of money from the patient’s check each month. A good dentist at Your Smile Dental Care will help his or client to find a way to make dental health possible.

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