Vaping is the future of smoking

What is vaping? Can you define the term? Maybe you can and maybe you can’t, but there is certainly a lot about vaping that you don’t know. The term has created lots of interest among smokers and non-smokers both. In short, to vape involves inhaling vapor created from liquid in a personal vaporizer. It is compared to and contrasted with cigarette smoking because cigarette smokers have been drawn to it. Vaping is done with the E-cigarette. It is similar to cigarette smoking but offers benefits over cigarette smoking. The vapor looks like smoke and almost feels like smoke to the person vaping, but it is not smoke and therein lies the benefit.

You Can Quit Smoking
Probably most cigarette smokers want to quit at one time or another, but most who try to quit smoking fail once, twice, or maybe twenty times. Cigarette smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. Of course, quitting cigarette smoking makes great sense. Cigarettes cause lung cancer without any doubt. Lung cancer will kill 1.59 million people worldwide this year. The greatest benefit of vaping versus cigarette smoking is that vaping does not cause lung cancer. Vaping is not without risk. Vaping liquids do contain nicotine, but the vapor is not smoke and that is its real benefit. The vapor has been tested and no risk to heart or lungs has been found. Several studies have concluded that vaping is safer than cigarette smoking

But You Won’t Even Miss It
Vaping is seen as similar to cigarette smoking by smokers who have switched. Vaping does provide nicotine just like cigarettes, but that is without the unhealthy smoke. Cigarette smoke is not only unhealthy, it is also unpleasant to people nearby who are forced to inhale second-hand smoke. Cigarette smoke clings to clothing and furniture and creates a veritable fog in rooms where people smoke. On the other hand, the vapor from vaping is odor free. Sit right next to someone vaping and you will never smell anything. There also are no cigarette burns with vaping and you won’t need any ashtrays!

Vaping is Fun!
Cigarette smoking is bad news, but by comparison vaping is fun. The liquid used in vaporizers for vaping is known as e-liquid, and it is flavored. E-liquid flavors include cinnamon, cotton candy, vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, buttered popcorn, and raspberry. There are more. Have you ever seen a strawberry cheesecake cigarette? Would you want one if you did? Pick three or four of your favorite flavors for vaping.

How Is Vaping Done?
The vaporizer used in vaping is a battery power atomizer that heats e-liquid to create vapor. Users carry the vaporizer around with them and inhale at their leisure. Some vaporizers are actually made to look like cigarettes, and believe it or not, some of them are made by tobacco giants. Those vaporizers are less popular than the typical vaporizer. Instead, what is more commonly used is the APV or Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Most of those provide controls that allow the user to adjust the flow of vapor. The vaporizers that look like cigarettes are relatively inexpensive, but they are disposable. The APV will normally cost close to $100, but they are considered permanent.

Vaping is Big Business
Vaping has very much become a craze over the last several years. Vaping was invented in 2003, but it has grown into a $7 billion worldwide business. There are still disputes over whether vaping is a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking, but many people have chosen it and it is not likely to go away. If you want to quit smoking cigarettes, E-cigarettes can give you the chance you need. E-cigarettes are a fun and healthy alternative to regular cigarettes, and if you try vaping you might love it. For more information, please check out the DashVapes website.

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