Love Your Smile And Thank Your Orthodontist

When a Canadian wants to have their teeth properly aligned, as well as correct any jaw and lip issues, they need to see an experienced orthodontist. Patients are also able to have orthodontic problems such as tooth decay, chewing, bone destruction, gum disease and more corrected. These dental professionals are able to help individuals prevent or alleviate a number of orthodontic health issues.

All Orthodontists in Canada must first have a dental degree. This would be either a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from an institution accredited by the Canadian Dental Association. They must complete a residency program of up to three years. Only dental professionals with this required advanced training can work an orthodontic specialist in Canada.

A person soon discovers that straight teeth are easier to clean and reduces incidences of tooth decay. When a person’s teeth are correctly positioned, incidents of gum disease, gingivitis as well as gum recession are less likely. It will lead to a good bite and ability to chew. That causes less strain on a person’s jaw muscles as well as facial joints. It will lead to better chewing as well as food digestion. When spaces between teeth are properly closed, there is no need to have dental implants or bridges.

This is the technical term used to describe teeth that are crowded, crooked or protruding. In many cases, this situation is inherited. It also covers extra or missing teeth as well as a cleft palate and a number of other types of irregularities. Some of these conditions develop over time. They can be a result of thumb-sucking, dental disease, premature loss of teeth that are either permanent or primary. Accidents can also result in dental problems. When teeth are not properly aligned, the surfaces of teeth will be abnormally worn. This also causes excessive stress with the gum tissue and a person’s facial bone tissue.

Treatment Options
A person’s bite is complex. It involved 32 teeth as well as gums, muscles, and their jaw working together for a healthy bite. There are a number of options available for individuals who need braces and other types of treatment. The process required to move a person’s teeth is the same in both children and adults. Orthodontic treatment is able to be successful no matter what a person’s age. An orthodontic specialist can determine a successful treatment plan to resolve any issues.

Locating Orthodontic Specialists
When someone wants to find an orthodontic specialist in Canada, they can contact the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. Recommendations can also be made by a family dentist. It’s important to understand that members of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists are experts who have had their qualifications verified.

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