Looking for the Best Corporate Catering Option? Why Delicatessen Options are Best

If you are planning a corporate event and you aren’t sure when you should have catered in for the mass amount of people, a catering service with deli sandwiches is a practical option. Choosing to let the staff make their own sandwiches or have them already prepared will be up to you. Having at least a small station where people can make their own if they have allergies or food restrictions is ideal. Here are a few of the reasons why deli catering services are ideal for your corporate event.

Multiple Choices
With a variety of breads, cheeses, deli meats and other toppings, this gives your staff multiple choices for their meal. A study showed turkey as the favorite option for consumers, followed by chicken and then ham.

When choosing a main entrée and sides instead of sandwiches, you are limited in offerings and people may be forced to eat food they don’t like, or they may go without eating. You can offer a variety of chips or other sides that pair with delicatessen sandwiches and provide something for all types of tastes.

Reduce Food Waste
Deli sandwiches can easily be cut into small sections, and then people can take multiple sections or go up for seconds if they are still hungry after their first serving. If you’re providing a chicken breast, serving of pasta, or other items that don’t come in small portions, you can end up with a lot of food waste. If you allow the staff to make their own sandwiches with the delicatessen supplies, than they won’t pick off things they don’t like or waste the sandwiches because they don’t like the taste.

Eliminate Set Eating Times
Everyone may not be ready to eat at the same time during a corporate event, and sandwiches are a low maintenance option that people can eat at any time. A group can take their food back to the conference room without complications, and you don’t need to have staff keeping the plates warm or dishing out portions. Instead, people can easily walk up to the food on chillers, grab what they want and get back to their day.

Large corporate events can be busy and stressful, but choosing a deli catering service can make the dining part of the event easy and speedy. You can even encourage staff to eat what’s left on the trays until it’s gone, take some home, or donate the rest of the food to a local shelter to make sure nothing goes to waste at the end of the day. The Greensville Gourmet website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.

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