Compare the Available Services When Exploring Retirement Home

Comparing retirement homes Ottawa with your aging loved ones may be a difficult process for many reasons. While you understandably may be focused on finding a long term care solution where your loved ones can live for years to come and that is affordable for your budget, you also may be reeling from the emotional impact of this process. The process is a clear reminder of the fact that your loved ones are not getting any younger and that their years are limited, and this can be difficult for many to bear emotionally. This may be complicated by the fact that many seniors want to continue to live independently, and you may be fighting them to make this transition. However, it can make you feel better knowing that they are being well cared for in the right facility that offers the services they need. As you compare these available services, keep these points in mind.

The Most Basic Services
Many people will look for assisted living facilities that offer the most basic services as a first step. Most seniors will not make a huge jump from living independently at home to needing the skilled services of nursing homes. Therefore, you initially may be looking for senior residences that offer some assistance with basic services, such as housekeeping, grocery service and transportation to medical appointments. In addition, structured social activities are also common with the most basic senior residences.

The Services of Skilled Nursing Homes
This is in direct comparison to the services available in skilled nursing homes that provide significant long term care for the elderly. These services are typically used by individuals who require on-going medical attention and who are no longer able to care for themselves. There is a huge leap between the two options available, and some facilities offer moderate care for those who are in between these two levels of services.

A Community That Can Accommodate a Full Range of Needs
It can be emotionally and physically daunting to move an aging relative, and with this in mind, you may not want to repeat the process again. Some senior care facilities offer a full range of services to meet the growing needs of seniors as they age. For example, they may have one area of the property with independent living residences. Another area may be for assisted living with some minor healthcare services provided. A third area on the property may be a nursing home environment.

While some senior homes only cater to individuals with specific needs, others offer a wide range of services and living experiences to accommodate most needs. As you compare the options available, consider factors related to cost, insurance coverage, availability of services, proximity to your home and hospitals and more. For more information visit the Sienna Living website.

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