Why Car Rentals Is Better Than Taxis In Montreal

Taxis are having a rough couple of years — between the emergence of start-up services like Uber and Lyft as worthy competitors and the high-profile theft and assault cases that have continued to impact the industry, public use of taxis is slowly beginning to regress. This behavior is no different in Montreal. As consumers continue to find alternatives to traditional taxis, they are also beginning to use car rental services more frequently. Car rental in Montreal is relatively affordable, useful for those traveling off of the island, and essential for families on vacation.

Cheap Car Rental

Montreal has many different automobile rental companies, and their offices are located strategically throughout the city. Most of these companies charge a low daily rate and have a tremendous selection of vehicles that are sure to suit the needs of every customer. The traffic on Montreal streets like Sainte Catherine and Saint Laurent is legendary, and taxi rates always end up being much higher than consumers suspect thanks to road delays and inefficient routes. By renting a car, you can take these matters into your own hands — the cost of the car is the cost of the car, with no hidden gas and time fees lurking in the future.

City-Wide Travel

Montreal has a lot to offer outside of the downtown core, and these attractions are far enough away from taxi centers that passengers will be paying their drivers a hefty premium. People living downtown who want to go pick apples in Vaudreuil, or check out shopping deals in Laval, are much better off renting a car with a few friends rather than splitting a taxi. Car rental gives groups the freedom to adjust their plans and allows them to plan hop much more effectively.

Perfect For Family Vacations

Families, particularly those with little kids or older relatives in the group, cannot afford to load the entire crew into a few cabs every time they want to go somewhere. Car rental allows families to keep everyone in one place and keep overall vacation costs down. Families who rent cars can get to the airport, bus station or train station much more easily, and can take day trips without worrying about difficult-to-read schedules or ticket cost. Best of all, car rental does not expose people to theft and fraud as much as riding in a taxi does. In the past few years, cab drivers have been arrested across Montreal for stealing passenger credit and debit cards — one duo in 2015 even made off with about $400,000 over a period of six months before getting caught by police detectives. Car rental services allow you to protect both your family and your wallet, no problem. More information can be found at Discount Car & Truck Rentals, which provides additional resources.