6 Most Common Mental Illness That Plague Western Civilizations

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Mental illness in western countries is quite prevalent when compared to the rest of the world. This may be done in part to the stress of the “gotta get ahead of everyone else” mentality. The psychotherapist has researched how work life directly relates to and links to our mental health. Work life, coupled with poor relationships, combined with poor dieting is all lead to many mental illnesses.

America is the most powerful nation on the planet, but the level of mental illness that affects the country is quite high. In this article, we will go over the top 6 Most Common Mental Illness That Plague Western Civilizations.

6 Most Common Mental Illness That Plague Western Civilizations


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This is a mental disorder that a vast amount of people have and are just unaware of. These people can be happy one second and then blow up the next second. They have very little control over their emotions, and as a result, it can be challenging to be around them as anything, and almost anything can trigger their emotional state to flip in the opposite direction.


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Depression…IS…A…DISEASE. It is not a case of feeling really REALLY sad. Depression is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent mental illnesses to hit many western nations, and this is due in part to social media and the culture of victimhood that is sweeping the country.

So much, so that suicide in teenagers has risen and is continuing to grow as a result of depression becoming more prevalent in many nations.


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Fear of failure. Fear or rejection. Fera of being laughed at. These are fears that are leading many people to develop anxiety. This affecting not only their waking day but also the sleeping night; assuming people can get to sleep. Stress has the effect of causing many sleepless nights for many.

Anxiety leads to stress and stress leads to many another mental, emotional and physical problems.


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This is yet another mental illness that is becoming quite prevalent in the west. The obsession over what others think and what others are doing has had a devasting effect on the current generation.


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Not to keep attacking social media, as social media is an intangible thing, but social media platforms like Instagram are significantly affecting the way that young females feel about themselves.

And not only females but guys as well. The need to impress others is slowly becoming an addition that many people seem not to see or understand. This is one of the main reasons for so many mental illnesses becoming more prevalent.


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Porn has genuinely affected many men in their sexual life. The comparison of what they see in the videos with what they have has caused a lot of men not to suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction).

Not only that but watching porn has also started to lower the intelligence in most who watch it leading to addiction and more radical behavior.

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